1. Vitrectomy helps in all kinds of vitreous opacities.

2. We broke the concept that the typical patient with vitreous floaters is a young anxious engineer.


We analyzed 83 eyes of 63 patients who underwent vitrectomy for vitreous floaters (asteroid hyalosis, PVD, and floaters only) between 2010 and 2015. 47 were male, 36 female eyes. Their mean age was 60 years, ranging from 22 to 82; the median was 61. The mean follow-up was 15 months (from 1 to 83 months), the median was 9.


The patients were extremely satisfied with the result in 14 cases, satisfied in 66 cases and 3 eyes felt more or less the same. 42 eyes were pseudophakic and 41 phakic; 17 phakic eyes later underwent cataract surgery. Surprisingly, the group of angry young men with invisible opacities was very small: only four (!) eyes of four patients were young males; a detailed analysis will be presented.

Take home message:

1. All kinds of vitreous opacities benefit from vitrectomy.

2. Although young men with minimal opacities, stressed by their floaters, due to their clamant complaints seem to be a huge group, they surprisingly represent a minority.

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