Hande Etus, Levent Karabas, Gulin Karaaslan, Yusuf Çaglar (Kocaeli, Turkey)


We initiated this prospective study to determine the safety and efficacy of topical anesthesia and its effect on surgical time in 23 G posterior vitrectomy.


This study was comprised of 67 patients (73 eyes) scheduled for posterior vitrectomy using topical (35 eyes) (group 1) or retrobulbar (38 eyes) (group 2) anesthesia. Subjective pain and discomfort were graded from 1 (no pain or discomfort) to 4 (severe pain or discomfort). Student t test and ÷2 analysis was used for data comparison between the study groups.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Most of the patients had grade 2 pain and discomfort during sclerotomies and implanting 23 G canullas. Overall, the patients in group 2 had grade 3 pain and discomfort during the retrobulbar injection. Statistical analysis of pain scores data showed no significant difference (p > 0.05) between the groups. At end of the operation, 4 patients in group 1 and 23 patients in the group 2 needed closure of the sclerotomies. None of them had a sense of pain or discomfort.

Take home message:

Topical anesthesia and sutureless surgery are comfortable alternatives, especially in selective cases including outpatient situations and in those patients with high expectations of the surgery.