To describe the effect of macular and peripheral retinal ischemia in diabetic macular edema (DME).


This is a retrospective study on 259 eyes of 187 patients with DME. Degree of macular ischemia and peripheral retinal ischemia were graded in FFA for each case and macular edema with central foveal thickness (CFT) and structural changes of retinal layers were assessed using OCT.


There was macular ischemia of some degree in 115 eyes (44.4%), 66.1% of which was minimal and 33.9% was severe. CFT was significantly higher (503±145µm vs 450±113µm) and VA was significantly lower (0.67±0.42 vs 0.36±0.28 LogMAR) in eyes with macular ischemia. Outer retinal defects were more prevalent in macular ischemia group. Peripheral macular ischemia was present in 200 (77.2%) eyes, 48.5% of which was minimal and 51.5% was severe. There was no significant difference with respect to VA and CFT of eyes with and without peripheral macular ischemia.


Presence of macular ischemia is a poor visual prognostic sign in eyes with DME. However, presence of peripheral retinal ischemia does not seem to have an effect on the severity of macular ischemia and visual prognosis.

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