Surgical Treatment of Optic Pit Retinal Detachment with an Inverted Flap of Intern Limitant Membrane


Optic pit is a rare ocular malformation that can lead to retinal detachment. Several treatments have been proposed including gas tamponade, laser and vitrectomy. We propose an another approach to other forms of treatments. A flap of intern limiting membrane is added in order to isolate the optic pit from the vitreous cavity. The surgical technique includes a complete vitrectomy with dissection of an inverted flap of intern limiting membrane. The flap is positioned upon to the optic pit in order to close it. Then endolaser is applied adjacent to the optic pit and a fluid gaz exchange is performed. This technique was performed on two patients with good anatomical and visual outcome. It seems to be an effective treatment for managing optic pit retinal detachment.



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