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To delaminate posterior pole and macular fibrovascular proliferations in eyes with severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy using a 20G modified blunt curved edged pick.


The use of a 20G blunt edged pick which allows safe delamination of macular fibrovascular membranes, when a bimanual approach is not possible. In cases when either self illuminated intraocular instrumentation or chandeliers are not available, this technique allows a one-handed safe and effective delamination for severe fibrovascular posterior pole proliferation. Its blunt curved edge permits safe pre-foveal membrane manipulation in the correct surgical plane, with low risk of iatrogenic retinal breaks. Furthermore, the picks curved edge allows initial and complementary membrane peeling, even in areas with broad retinal adherences.

Effectiveness/ Safety:

This technique was performed in an already vitrectomized only eye with severe posterior pole diabetic proliferation, macular dragging and severe vision loss. One-handed, successful membrane delamination was performed using the mentioned 20G modified pick, further complemented with membrane forceps and angled horizontal scissors. Postoperative anatomical and functional success was accomplished, with great patient satisfaction.