The authors report several tips and tricks increasing efficiency of 577 nm Micropulse Laser (MIP) in treatment of macular oedema recurrence in eyes with previous ILM peeling surgery.


The study is a retrospective clinical study of sub threshold laser treatment as a tissue-sparing laser photocoagulation for ME. Eyes included underwent treatment for ME due different pathologies (Diabetic Retinopathy, branch or central retinal vein occlusion, or other causes including inflammatory diseases). All had previous ILM peeling.


First, with experience, we have improved reproducibility of MIP protocol.

Second, we better used it associated with IVT (mainly anti-VEGF) , with some tips in order to avoid unnecessary IVT.

Third, some advices remained important to improve success and avoid failure.


MIP allows an interesting choice for ME treatments in association with ILM peeling and IVTs . But a learning curve is required to improve results… or some advices, tips or tricks in order to save time to use it right.

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