20th EVRS Meeting

June 04-07, 2020





Now that the WHO has upgraded the recent COVID-19 outbreak from regional epidemic to pandemic status, we feel authorised to cancel our Annual Meeting.

We still believe that the Italian situation will resolve itself by June but, unfortunately, other Nations will be affected and travel restrictions will probably be in place for many Countries.

We hope all of our Friends and Members will come out of this very challenging period with as little damage as possible.

Our meeting will now be postponed to 2021 when, presumably, things will be back to some sort of normality.

We are now working on a refund policy that will be as fair as possible while protecting EVRS from unsustainable damage.

The general idea is to give Members the possibility to choose between two options:

1- No refund today and simply carry the sum paid by attendees to our next Congress.

2- Refund minus expenses (bank transactions, administration, legal expenses, VAT etc.). We have asked our Accountants to work out exact figures regarding these expenses.

We will come back to you as soon as we have more details.

Keep safe.

The very best to you all.

Giampaolo Gini

President European VitreoRetinal Society