Frank Becquet, Jean-Fran├žois Le Rouic, Didier Ducournau (Nantes, France)


To report three cases of nanophthalmic uveal effusion syndrome with exudative retinal detachment after intraocular surgery.


Three patients were referred to us with a persistent exudative retinal detachment after intraocular surgery (surgery of glaucoma in two cases and cataract in one case). Sclerectomy and vortex vein decompression were performed in all cases.


The subretinal fluid resolved progressively during the three postoperative following months except in one case. In that later case, nanophthalmos was particularly important and the patient had marked systemic hypertension.


Although sclerectomy and vortex vein decompression are well-established techniques, we strongly advise careful assessment of the risk/benefit ratio of intraocular surgery in nanophthalmic patients.