To describe a very rare complication in vitreo retinal surgery related with a Perfluorocarbon liquid (PFCL).


We present 4 cases in which we use PFCL, two of them (Retinal detachment with macula attached and dislocated IOL in vitreous cavity) passed from 20/20 VA to hand movements and a severe central scotoma. All of them we could observe a severe atrophy in macular area with a complete disparition of retinal cell layers.


Perfluorocarbon liquid has been used in a safe way in vitreoretinal surgery and only has been demonstrated signs of toxicity like a foreing-body inflammatory reaction when it has been used as postoperative tamponade for more than one week. In our cases we use the PFCL only during surgery and it was totally removed but however it induced a very toxic reaction with a severe destruction of RPE and local necrosis in retinal layers. It has been described the toxic effect related with PFCL as Physical effect rather than chemical toxicity but in our cases the chemical toxicity might be considered, we analize the studies of toxicity in literature related with the events observed in our patients.

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