A 40-year-old man suffers difficult light perception in the right eye for six months. A giant retinal tear with total retinal detachment and advanced vitreous retinal proliferation was observed. With the operation we try to restore the visual function as much as possible.


Our surgical technique consists of the following: scleral buckle, accessory endoilumination, 23G vitrectomy, epiretinal proliferation extraction, introduction of perfluorocarbon liquid to check the retinal rigidity, dying of the retinal surface to facilitate the membranes’ extraction, extensive 360º retinotomy to eliminate the peripheral retinal fibrosis, 360º endophotocoagulation and direct exchange of PFCL with silicone oil 5000 Cs.


Performing this operation following the proposed steps, with very delicate manoeuvres, we can obtain a final anatomical and functional success.

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