SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2016_Efficacy and Safety of Subthreshold Laser in Refractory DME Demostrated by Swept Source OCT and Microperimetry Patricia Udaondo


To demostrate de efficacy and safety of subthreshold laser therapy in the management of refractory diabetic macular edema cases.


Patients with persistent macular edema despite several intravitreal injections with antiVEGF and/or steroids were treated with the new streamline pascal laser (Topcon) that allows with its endpoint management control the energy and duration of each treatment (tiration of power) and dlivers invisible but effective burns with less side effects regarding collateral damage. To demostrate the efficacy and safety of this treatment both microperimetry and DRI-OCT (deep range imaging) were performed before, one hour and 1 to 3 months evaluating functional and anatomic results.


Subthreshold laser did not damage the retina in any case. The laser burns were only detected only the external retinal layers just after the treatment. Retinal sensitivity measured by microperimetry did not worsen in any case and improved in all cases were the edema improved after the treatment.


The subthreshold laser therapy with the stremline pascal laser appears to be safe and effective from a morphologic and functional point of view in refractory diabetic macular edema cases.

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