To report the results of of PPV, scleral buckling and anti-VEGF injections in a patient with Coats disease.


Patients data include ophthalmologic evaluation, surgical procedure documentation, OCT and fundus imaging.


A 15 years-old boy was referred to our department with leucocoria and low vision. BCVA was 1.0 in right eye and hand movements in left eye, IOP 12 and 8 mm hg respectively. Fundus examination revealed Coats disease stage 3 according to Shields and Shields. After dicussing the therapeutic options, surgery was scheduled.

The main proceudures were:1 : VPP, subretinal fluid drainage, cryopexy and scleral buckling and 2. intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF for 15months. At the end of follow-up, the retina is reattached with a slight visual improvement.


Vitreoretinal surgery combined withaAnti-VEGF was successful in improving the anatomical and visual outcome in a case of advanced Coats disease.