SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2016_Choroidal Neovascular Membrane in Children Maha M. Elshafei

Case 1:

A case of seven-year-old girl who presented to the eye clinic complaining of decreased vision in both eyes. Examination showed bilateral active choroidal neovascular membrane in the macular area, which was, treated with multiple intravitreal injections of Ranibizumab. Screening of the family showed bilateral Vitilliform maculopathy in the younger brother.

Case 2:  

Thirteen-year-old girl who presented with decreased vision in her left eye. Examination showed scar due to regressing choroidal neovascular membrane on the superotemporal quadrant. All investigations and uveitis work-up were normal. Possibility of buried optic disc drusen was raised but the picture is not clear or typical. Causes and treatment of choroidal neavascular membrane in children will be discussed.

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