PurposeĀ :

To evaluate the potential of brillant blue g (BBG) for intraoperative staining of the inner limiting membrane (ILM) and to compare the different concentration of BBG showing the efficacy to stain.


Review, interpretation and commentary regarding the most relevant stain, showing 2 different concentration of BBG.


The cases reviewed included the following diagnoses: epiretinal membrane (2), macular hole (5), proliferative vitreoretinopathy (2), tractional retinal detachment (20), rhegmatogenous retinal detachemnt (5). The aplication of BBG low and high concentration where compared and recorded in surgical videos. The aplication of BBG in a higher concentration resulted in better visualization of the ILM, facilitating the identification, delineation, and removal of the ILM in comparation to the lower concentration. There were no clinical signs of retinal toxicity in any patiens.


BBG in higher concentration permits sufficient staining for a safe ILM removal. In this short observacional study, good anatomical and functional results where achieved and no adverse events were observed.

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