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Different techniques have been described for the dissection of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR). When there is a strong adherence between the fibrovascular proliferation and the retinal vessels, segmentation is a safe technique to reduce the risk of bleeding and retinal tear.

With the advance of vitrectomy machines, the control of the aspiration flow is improved and a bilinear pedal allows the surgeon to master both the cutting rate of the vitrectomy probe and the aspiration outflow.

With these « new generation » vitrectomy machines, grasping, aspirating and cutting of the pre retinal proliferation can be done with the vitrectomy probe. We will present different demonstrative cases illustrating the effectiveness of this technique for the dissection of PDR.

Segmentation of PDR with the vitrectomy probe reduces the need for expensive and fragile picks, scissors and forceps. Furthermore, it lessens the number of entries and exits through the sclerotomies which reduces the operating time and the risk of vitreal incaceration.