Abdallah A Ellabban, Ahmed B Sallam, UK

To describe a simple method for automated direct silicon oil injection and active PFCL aspiration using 23-g vitrectomy system.

First, the oil syringe is connected to the 3-way cannula. The infusion is taken off the eye and primed with oil. The extrusion line is connected to an aspiration cannula for active extrusion. The automated injection/extrusion mode is activated in the machine. The injection rate is set up at 20-40 mmHg, while the extrusion rate is adjusted at 150-200mmHg. The footswitch is pressed to allow simultaneous injection and extrusion where the pressure can be adjusted by maintaining the balance between injection/extrusion rates. This may vary according to the oil density. Initially, the fluid above the fluid phase is removed then the PFCL. Near physiological eye pressure is maintained throughout the entire procedure, which often takes about 4-5 minutes in duration.

Automated PFCL/Silicon oil exchange is a feasible method for direct exchange. The technique has a short learning curve and avoids the risks encountered with direct exchange, mainly high IOP.

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