Abhijit Chattopadhyay, Chirag Bhatt, Soumen Mandal, Shubhankarsri Paul (Kolkata, India)


25 Gauge sutureless methods allow early ambulation and quick recovery. This system also helps in better maintenance of intra-ocular pressure thus reducing the intra-operative bleeding. The hospital staying time also got reduced remarkably. The lid swelling and subconjunctival definitely very less or not present at all.


3-port 25 Gauge vitrectomy done. The cutter was used to lift the membrane and for cutting also. The cutter was also used to cut the membranes over retina even without lifting. In one case, one sclerotomy was converted to 20 Gauge to inject silicone oil.

Effectiveness / Safety:

It is a safe and effective way and there was no case of ocular hypotony or choroidal detachment compared to 23 Gauge vitrectomies. The membranes also can be removed completely with this method.

Take home message:

25 Gauge vitrectomy can be an effective alternative to 20 Gauge conventional vitrectomy with the multidimensional use of the cutter. Silicone oil injection will need prolonged time for which one port can be converted with minimum effects on the overall recovery.