Swept Source OCT (Atlantis/ Triton, Topcon) has several advantages when compared to all spectral- domain OCTs on market.

  1. The ability to simultaneously visualize the vitreous, retina and choroid. EDI- OCT enables to visulize the choroid, but two separate images have to be performed if retina and vitreous are also to be seen with detail. Simultaneous imaging of all those three entities enables more precise surgical planning, but also research on the pathogenesis of such diseases as: macula hole, epiretinal membranes, diabetic macular edema, vitreomacular traction syndrome.
  2. 12 mm long scans, which enable simultaneous visualization of the optic nerve and macula, which is of highest importance f.ex. in optic disc pit maculopathy, paracentral 12 mm wide scans can add to the diagnosis of ocular tumors, especially with the visualization of the choroid.
  3. Swept- Source OCT angiography. A new tool enabling non- invasive visualization of blood flow in the retina and choroid.
  4. Autofluorescence.
  5. Possibility of fluorescein angiography and fundus photograph.

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