The Constellation Vision System by Alcon is a well known vitrectomy machine.

The vitreous cutter is a new “swiss knife” in vitreo-retinal surgery with two great advantages: on one hand related with its design, with an optimized port location placed closer to the tip, allowing cutting, dissection, aspiration, etc. On the other hand, the active opening-closing sequence, which controls and improves the duty cycle during the surgery.

Another advantage of using the Constellation is the efficiency of the pump, which offers a great compensatory capacity, with the possibility of instant hyperpressure creation, while the hypotonia is quite exceptional. This important feature can be observed in all ways, including fluid, air, gas, etc. And so, the machine becomes totally predictable.

Continuing with the concept of simplicity and efficiency, the surgery tools like the fluid-air exchange, the integrated laser and the injection/extraction of silicon oil are increasingly faster and more practical.

Regarding the foot pedal, all functions and the switching between them can be controlled by it. In addition, its ergonomic design and its monolinear system signify simplicity, physical relax and comfort.

Referring to the light source, perhaps it is an element that merits a complementary development, for example, with the use of filters.

Another positive point is the possibility of having torsional ultrasound in combined surgery with the Ozil system, which is a meaning of softness, preservation and safety for the anterior segment structure.

In conclusion, working with the Constellation Vision System is working with the highest technology, the greatest combination of efficiency, comfort and practicality. All this is accompanied by an excellent customer service that assures an immediate support, and the replacement of machines or their parts in a short period of time. We did not cancel one vitrectomy in more than 10 years because of technical disturbance

And as the future is already now the 27G surgery standards are totally developed and ready to use.

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