Author: Zoran Tomic, Uppsala, Sweden


To present other indications where the induction of a retinal bleb and macular displacement can be applied.


We have applied the above mentioned technique in 3 cases of macular folds, which developed as a consequence of the slippage of the retina after the treatment of a rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with big superior retinal tears and in one case of an inferior macular displacement due to the retinal detachment with 360° giant retinal tear and PVR.

Effectiveness / Safety:

All the three macular folds were successfully unfolded and macula repositioned in the case with a 360° giant retinal tear and PVR, followed by a significant visual acuity improvement in all of the four treated eyes.

Take home message:

The macular translocation technique can be applied successfully in solving of advanced and so far untreatable complications of various types of retinal detachment.