Endogenous endophthalmitis due to parasites is quite rare. We herein report an unusual case of degenerated intravitreal cysticercus cyst masquerading as a funny panuveitis with a good outcome after appropriate management.


A retrospective interventional case report of an 38-year-old man who presented a loss of vision in the left eye. Visual acuity in the left eye at time of presentation was counting fingers near face. Uncommon extensive anterior chamber reaction and flare, as well as, brown hyalitis were found on examination. Blood investigations revealed a hypereosinophilia.


A diagnostic/therapeutic treatment with oral antiparasites (albendazole) and corticosteroids helped in identifying the offending organism and controlling the inflammation. A 3 pars plana vitrectomy was performed and showed up a surprising intraocular mass. Visual recovery was immediately complete (20/20). Eye examination revealed a quiet eye, with flat retina and some retinal pigment epithelial changes at posterior pole.


Taking a careful history is the key to reach a high suspicion of panuveitis due to parasites. A prompt management with appropriate medical treatment (with chronological order) before vitrectomy is successful in salvaging these diseases.

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