The 360° scleral buckling is a surgical technique that keeps an important place in our practice. Indeed, for recurrent complicated retinal detachments with a grade D of proliferative vitreoretinopathy after vitrectomy and scleral buckling of one or more quadrants, we are often forced to practice a retinectomy associated with injection of silicone oil forever. But another way exists…


360° scleral buckling avoid the use of silicon oil and save the patient from all its complications. It gives more chance to the patient to keep a functional eye after many years.

We propose to talk about a few patients, who have been operated several times for complicated retinal detachment. We operated them successfully with a 360° scleral buckling. A rich iconography (based on videos, retinophotography, SD-OCT, slit lamp photography) brings out the excellent results of this surgical procedure, both anatomical and functional terms.

Take home message:

Don’t forget that the 360° scleral buckling remains a very effective treatment option in these complicated cases.

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