Vitreous Surgery Without Endoillumination for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Nawrocki Jerzy, Michalewska Zofia, Michalewski Janusz


This video presents both slit lamp and wide field vitreous surgery without endoillumination.

Material and method:

Images achieved during surgery without endoillumination are compared with standard vitrectomy technique.


Vitreous surgery without endoillumination using slit lamp or wide field observation system showed some advantages. Bimanual technique of membranes dissection and removal is possible. Peripheral vitrectomy with deep scleral indentation allowed the
removal of membranes even in the sclerotomy meridian. New possibilities allow us to combine both techniques in one surgery. The best images for wide field observation system were achieved in combined surgery before IOL insertion.


Combining slit lamp and wide field observation system without endoillumination improves the quality of vitrectomy in selected cases.

Take- home message:

New observation system during vitrectomy allows to perform surgery without endoillumination. This may be a factor of improvement in vitreous surgery for proliferative diabetic retinopathy.