This video shows surgical techniques and precautions for the patient with recurrent of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and vitreous hemorrhage, who previously had a segmental scleral buckling.


For the patient with previous experience of segmental scleral buckling on the downside 14-21mm position with a retinal detachment relapse, along with increase of vitreous hemorrhage, and a possibility of traction on the posterior margin of previous segmental scleral buckling, encircling scleral bucking that used the sponge from the previous surgery and vitrectomy was conducted. Between the silicone sponge and suture, 2mm of silicone band was inserted. And the rest of the sclera was encircled 360 degrees with 7mm of silicone tire. Afterwards, vitreous hemorrhage and traction was removed via vitrectomy. Then, injection of the silicone oil was held to sum up the surgery.


This technique allowed avoidance of massive bleeding, improvement of operation view, and shortening long operation time, which is unavoidable when removing sponge. Surgery was conducted without any complications. Due to a stable and permanent effect of the encircling scleral buckling, the retina remained attached even after the removal of silicone oil.


When conducting an additional scleral buckling to a patient with past experience of the scleral buckling, a new band could be fixed by using the sponge and suture from the previous surgery.

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