Marta Macedo, MD, Bernardete Pessoa, MD, Natália Ferreira, MD, Paulo Queirós, MD, Angelina Meireles, MD


To evaluate the role of vitrectomy with silicone oil tamponade in eyes with proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

Subjects and methods:

Retrospective revision of the records of diabetic patients submitted to vitrectomy surgical treatment from July 2001 to December 2002, performed by two surgeons (AM and PQ). Preoperative evaluation included past medical history, analysis of laser therapy records, visual acuity and fundus examination, or ultrasound when necessary. Anatomical and functional outcomes are described. Patients were grouped according to preoperative visual acuity: group one – light perception; group two – hand motion; group three – counting fingers.


Nineteen vitreoretinal surgeries with silicone oil implantation were done in that period in patients with diabetic retinopathy complications, 8 males and 8 females. 58% were patients with type one diabetes. Functional success was achieved in 61% of the cases: 57% in patients that started with light perception, 50% in group two, and 71% in group three. Anatomical success was achieved in 63% of the eyes. Silicone oil tamponade was removed in 42% of the patients, 62,5% with good functional result.


Silicone oil is a useful tool in the management of these patients and has proved to be successful even in those cases starting only with light perception.