Ivan Fiser, Renata Handlova


To evaluate the anatomical and functional benefit of the ILM peeling for the diabetic macular edema.


Retrospective review of 20 consecutive eyes undergoing vitrectomy with ILM peeling. All eyes were operated for CSME only; eyes with vitreous hemorrhage or TRD were excluded. Membrane Blue was used in all eyes for the ILM visualization.


The average follow-up time was 6 (1-12)months. The CSME improved anatomically (according to biomicroscopy and OCT) in 18 eyes (90%) and remained stable in 2 eyes (10%). Vision improved at least 2 ETDRS lines in 15 eyes (75%) and remained stable in 5 eyes (25%). No complications related to the ILM peeling were noticed, cataract developed in none of the eyes. Histopathological findings of the ILM will be presented.


Vitrectomy with Membrane-Blue-assisted ILM peeling can be beneficial in the surgical treatment of diabetic macular edema. It is a safe method with a low complication rate.

Take-home message:

We recommend vitrectomy with ILM peeling in the treatment of the diabetic macular edema.