To perform safer and more comfortable vitrectomy with different light sources and filters of the vitrectomy machine.


Vitrectomy was performed with Stellaris PC (Bausch and Lomb) and two light sources were used (Mercury Vapor and Xenon with three filters Yellow, Green, and Amber). Indications for vitrectomy mainly included macular surgery, vitreous hemorrhage, and retinal detachment. During all the steps of vitrectomy (core vitrectomy, peripheral vitrectomy, macular work, and fluid air exchange), these different light sources/filters were compared. Macular surgery was performed with or without the use of dyes or triamcinolone.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Xenon, Yellow, and Mercury Vapor were judged to be better during core and peripheral vitrectomy. Green and Mercury Vapor allowed better visualization during macular surgery compared to Xenon, Yellow and Amber. Yellow is preferred to the other wavelengths when using blue dye. Xenon and Yellow were found to be suitable for fluid air exchange. In addition, Amber filter also seems to be interesting during this step of surgery.