Frank Becquet Nantes, France


To assess whether there are differences in vitrectomy procedure cost and to analyse the cost of different options for vitrectomy in European countries.


Approximately 200 European vitreoretinal surgeons were sounded out for this study. The direct costs of various disposable and non disposable materials used for vitrectomy were asked as well as country, annual number of vitrectomy procedures, and vitrectomy machine’s name of the polled surgeons. Cost was expressed in Euro.


The great majority of vitreoretinal surgeons used disposable materials for vitrectomy in custom-pack form. The average cost of a single vitrectomy procedure was 330 Euro. Differences in surgeon habits (i.e. using of intraocular illuminating fiber, type of suture,…) and vitrectomy machines modified the vitrectomy procedure cost in relative great amounts.


Vitrectomy procedure cost should be compared to the price paid to surgeon and to hospital or private clinic for a vitrectomy. The cost-effectiveness of different vitrectomy procedures should further be analysed.