Hassan Mortada, Egypt

26 eyes of 18 patients with Stickler syndrome, type I & II were operated upon between 2015 to 2018. The age ranged between 5 – 10 years. Total retinal detachment and PVR of varying severity were present in all eyes. Extensive lattice degeneration was present in 12 eyes and giant retina tear of varying extent was present in 15 eyes. All eyes underwent pars plana lensectomy, without IOL implantation, 23 G vitrectomy, unimanual and/or bimanual dissection of epiretinal membranes and adherent posterior hyaloid, Brilliant blue – assisted peeling of ILM over the largest area possible, PFCL Iinjection to stabilize the posterior retina, shaving of the basal vitreous gel, endolaser to all retinal breaks, retinotomies and for 360 degrees and finally direct PFCL/SiO exchange. Non of the eyes develop recurrent epiretinal proliferation over area of ILM peel. Recurrent proliferation outside the area of ILM peel was encountered in 18/26 eyes. Recurrent RD with or without PVR was encountered in 12 eyes. All eyes with recurrent proliferation or RD underwent reoperation. Stable attached retina following SiO removal could be achieved in 22/26 eyes. SiO could not be removed in 4 eyes because of hypotony and /or recurrent proliferation. Radical vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid peeling and extensive ILM peeling are effective in reducing the number of VR procedures required to achieve stable ,attached retina.

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