Mahmoud Soliman, Egypt

The vitreous in uveitis is commonly involved in the inflammatory process leading to vitreous opacities of different degrees and visual affection. The vitreous may also act as reservoir of inflammatory cytokines increasing the antigenic load and thus decreasing the response to treatment in uveitis. Pathologic vitreous detachment in inflammation may end up in post inflammatory retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinaopathy ensuing. Vitreous surgery is an integral part of the management of uveitis but is frequently overlooked. The indications are diverse and is commonly combined with cataract surgery. There are many difficulties encountered during the surgery and the postoperative period is often stormy and unpredictable The experience gained from operating on more than one hundred cases of uveitis of different uveitis entities is presented. Combined surgery is difficult and needs special expertise. Hypotony is a common postoperative complication which may sometimes persist despite all treatment modalities. The indications, the outcomes and complications are presented together with video clips.

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