Authors: Fernando Faus, Jose MÂȘ Olivan, MÂȘTeresa Ballarin, Enrique Albalad, Zaragoza, Spain


One problem in performing vitrectomy is the occurrence of retinal tears in the area of sclerotomies secondary to vitreous traction generated during repeated maneuvers of entry and exit during surgery. We present a new technique that allows the introduction of vital dyes and co-adjuvant substances during surgery without having to leave the eye.


The placement of a three-way stopcock on the vitrectomy handpiece line allows the introduction of vital dyes to stain different structures during surgery, avoiding maneuvers into and out of the eye, minimizing traction generated during these maneuvers. After vitrectomy, changing the position of the three-way stopcock allows the introduction of the desired substance without having to leave the eye.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The use of this small variation in the vitrectomy system has proven to be safe and effective. The decrease in entry and exit maneuvers reduces the risk of traction in the area of esclerotomies during surgery.