Vitrectomy for Simple Vitreous Bleeding – And What to Do Now ?


Bleeding in the vitreous cavity is a relatively common cause for reduction of visual acuity. There are several reasons for vitreous bleeding and most of them at the end require more or less complex surgical approach to restore the vision. I would like to present a case of seemingly uncomplicated vitreous bleeding which should have required a simple strait forward surgical procedure. When several tumorous formations covering a whole quadrant of the retina were revealed a simple procedure suddenly became a complicated one. The patient had a history of quite recent prostate carcinoma surgery and the existence of any tumorous formations in the eye were not noticed on previous diagnostic ultrasound examinations. The surgeon had to make some difficult ethic and professional surgical decisions without the possibility to consult the patient who was in general anesthesia. Finally a complex retinectomy of the whole quadrant of the retina, preserving the macular region, was done and the complete tumorous formation was removed from the eye followed by silicone oil injection. Six months after surgery the silicone oil was removed, the retina was flat, there was no any recurrence and there is present a visual acuity of 0.2.


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