Many surgeons use dyes during vitrectomy surgery to enhance visualization of intraocular structures such as vitreous, epiretinal membranes and internal limiting (ILM). Several dyes are employed for this purpose including trypan blue, brilliant peel, indocyanin green and some newer Lutein based dyes. Triamcinolone is also used to improve the visualization of the vitreous gel and the posterior hyaloid. In this presentation, we aim to discuss our view that mixture of trypan blue + brilliant blue G (MembraneBlue Dual, D.O.R.C. International) represents the best available option for chromovitrectomy. The dye has reasonable staining effect on vitreous, epiretinal membrane and ILM and is associated with lower retinal toxicity compared to ICG and no risk of increased intraocular pressure. It is also easy to place in the eye and to remove.

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