Vitrectomy Combined with Continuous Intraocular Injection of Silicone Oil in the Treatment of Early Atrophy of Eyeball



To observe and evaluate continuous intraocular injection of silicone oil in treating early atrophy of eyeball.


Compared the pre- and postoperative changes of 5 atrophy eyeball eyes in intraocular pressure,visual activity,axial length and CT scan. All the 5 eyes (5 patients)suffered from severe ocular trauma or uveitis and had 3-4 days long continuous intraocular injection of silicone oil.


Five eyes (5 patients)with low IOP (2.7-9mmHg) ,CT or water sac ultrasound showed their axial length were shorter than that of the healthy eyes (the difference was 0.7 to 4.8mm, 2.48mm in average). 4 of them had corneal opacity. All of 5 eyes’retina attached in the surgery ,and the amount of silicone oil injected into the eyes was from 2.3 to 4.8 ml (4.04ml in average). At the end of surgery all of the eyes had no lens. The axial length of all the eyes increased after the surgery (1.34mm, in average), and IOP of 4 eyes recovered to normal. The visual acuity was improved in 4 eyes, and not changed in the other.


Vitrectomy combined with continuous intraocular injection of silicone oil in early atrophy of eyeball can effectively restore the eye shape, restore the intraocular pressure, assist retina/choroid reattachment, maintain or improve the visual activity.


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