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To evaluate the benefits of a new instrument in removing intraocular foreign bodies.


The new instrument was designed to facilitate removal of intraocular foreign bodies that are too large to fit into the traditional Grieshaber intraocular foreign body forceps. The new design was specifically created to allow better grasping of irregular shaped foreign bodies and larger foreign bodies. Comparison with the traditional foreign body forceps with the new instrument was done by performing a vitrectomy and intraocular foreign body removal in a cadaveric eye.


The new instrument was clearly better at removing larger intraocular foreign bodies and was better able to grasp the object without allowing it to slip back into the vitreous cavity. Three point fixation instead of two point fixation made a significant difference in stabilizing the foreign body.


The new intraocular foreign body forceps adds to the utility of the old Grieshaber iofb forceps. It can be used safely and effectively with larger foreign bodies as well as more irregular foreign bodies. Airsoft BB guns in the United States have becoming increasingly popular. This gun uses a lighter larger white BB. Its diameter is too large to be grasped by the traditional Grieshaber forceps rendering it useless in these cases. The new forceps can adequately grasp the airsoft pellet and remove it safely from the vitreous cavity. It should be included in the repertoire of instruments in every vitreo-retinal surgical suite.