Author: Banaee Touka, Mashhad, Iran


Protection of macula in case a large foreign body is lost from the forceps during removal.


After completion of vitrectomy and before removal of the foreign body, half of the vitreous cavity is filled with viscoelastic material and then the foreign body is removed. The viscoelastic material can effectively reduce the force of dropping the foreign body on the posterior pole, protecting the macula; it must be removed totally at the end of the procedure.

Effectiveness / Safety:

It effectively protected the macula during removal of a large foreign body with multiple drops from the forceps. I have used viscoelastic materials in 8 eyes during removal of large foreign bodies and have encountered no adverse effects attributable to their use.

Take home message:

Viscoelastic materials are a good choice to protect the posterior pole during removal of large posterior segment foreign bodies.