Agnieszka Nowosielska, Legionowo Mediq, Joanna Godowska-Brydak (Warszawa, Poland)


Recently Rapamycin (Syrolimus) has been shown to have not only immunosuppressive effect but also to be a very potent anti-angiogenetic drug, for example in cardiology. In 2001 we tried systemic Rapamycine to stop vascular proliferation due to sever bilateral uveitis.


To report the use of Rapamycin, a new immunosuppressive drug, in the treatment of acute, idiopathic, bilateral uveitis with vasculitis, non responsive to standard systemic steroid treatment.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Immunotherapy with systemic Rapamycine for 6,5 months fully stopped the inflammatory reaction for 3 years.

Take home message:

The experience in the use of Rapamycine in human ophthalmic disorders is very limited. However Rapamycine was chosen due to its unique immunosuppressive properties and potent anti-neovascular activity. Further studies in ophthalmic fields, especially in vascular disorders, are needed to discover the full therapeutic spectrum of this drug.