Case 1:

A 39 year old woman presented with a bilateral slowly deteriorating visual acuity, metamophopsia and micropsia. We diagnosed CSCR and treated with acetazolamid and NSAID. Social history revealed a type A personality (ambitious, freelancer), in addition the patient reported sweating sleeping disorders, nycturia, a prolonged menstruation cycle, development of a moustache and increasing weight, so we suggested an endocrinologic examination. This detected a hypercortisolism as a symptom of an adrenocortical carcinoma. After a complete surgical removal the CSCR disappeared and the function normalized.

Case 2:

A 43 years old male suffered from bilateral CRCS for more than 8 years more or less chronically. At first presentation in our institution, he already was not able to work for several months (male nurse in a hospital, different and shifting shifts). VA deteriorated to 0.3 and 0.1. Acetazolamide did not help, neither did spironolactone. After we switched to Epleneron systemically, the subretinal fluids partly resolved. In addition the patient was slowly referred to work again, with no more shifting shifts. After several months of treatment, the patient regained VA of 1.0 in one eye 0.6 in the other. Yet unresolved is the question, whether the patient has to stay on epleneron permanently.

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