Nawrocki Jerzy, Nawrocka Zofia, Michalewska Zofia, Michalewski Janusz


The aim of the video is to present the technique of macular hole and macular pucker surgery with the use of trypan blue.


Standard pars plana vitrectomy is performed. After closing the infusion line trypan blue staining is injected slowly on the macula surface. After one minute trypan blue staining is removed. Removal of epiretinal membranes and the ILM is performed.


Trypan blue stained epiretinal membranes, ILM and the vitreous. This allowed to perform easier removal of them. Additionally the staining can be used in repeated surgery to prove the completness of ILM removal.


Trypan blue staining is a very useful tool in staining of vitreoretinal interface and ILM.

Take-home message:

Trypan blue staining is a very simple and useful method improving macular hole and macular pucker surgery.