To present 2 cases of successful removal of unusually large nails from the eye.


Case 1. A 36-year old male presented with history of injury to left eye. On fundus examination a large IOFB (15 mm long nail) was seen in the vitreous cavity. He underwent Lensectomy, Vitrectomy, IOFB removal and Intra-ocular Lens implantation.
Case 2. A 7-year old boy presented with complaints of injury to his left eye. He had a long nail projecting out from the eye. The strange part was that the tip of the nail was outside and the head had gone inside and was lodged into the maxillary sinuses. X-Ray of the orbit revealed a 3 inch long nail and the inner end (head) of the nail has crossed the posterior wall of orbit and was lying in the maxillary sinus. The nail was brought out without causing any collateral damage. The presentation explains the challenge and how they were overcome in removing this unusual foreign body.


Post-operatively both patients had attached retinas and best corrected visual acuity of 6/6.


The post-operative recovery of a patient with foreign body depends upon the macular status. If macula is attached good visual recovery is seen. A big question remains as to the cause of injury in the second case and how a nail lodged in the eye with head inside and sharp end outside.



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