Maria Stefaniotou, (Ioannina, Greece), Ekaterini Christodoulou, (Ioannina, Greece), Eleni Bagli, MD, PhD (Ioannina, Greece), Spiridon Gorezis, MD (Ioannina, Greece), Christos D. Kalogeropoulos, MD, PhD (Ioannina, Greece), Miltiadis Aspiotis, MD, PhD (Ioannina, Greece)


Residual vitreous cortex is a scaffold for cellular and neovascular proliferation while it exerts tangential traction forces on the retina. Triamcinolone granules are trapped in the hyaloid, making it easier to remove it, while they reduce the blood-ocular barrier breakdown that follows pp vitrectomy. Triamcinolone assisted pp vitrectomy was performed in patients with PDR, DME, PVR-RD, Macular-Pucker or Macular-Hole. Residual vitreous after pp vtr proves to be more common than thought before.