Authors: Jeroni Nadal, Barbara Delas, Rodrigo Abreu, Barcelona, Spain


No retinal laser scars. We are presenting a prospective study about 12 cases affected by retinal detachment in the posterior pole secondary to an optic pit. All patients were treated by means of vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid peeling and air exchange, application on the surface del II par of 0.05 ml autologous platelets concentrate and exchange with 15%  C3F8, positioning the patient in supine for the first two hours and without posterior position. The minimum monitoring period in all cases was 12 months, and at the end of it, the retinal adaptation was considered both biomicroscopically and by means of OCT.

Take home message:

Retinal adaptation in all cases with an increase of average visual acuity superior to 3 lines of vision. None of the patients showed any kind of complication.