Cesare Forlini (Ravenna, Italy) Matteo Forlini (Modena, Italy), Adriana Bratu (Ravenna, Italy), Paolo Rossini (Ravenna, Italy)


To show the effectiveness of use of mini-invasive 25/23 Gauge system for the management of post-traumatic suprachoroidal haemorrhages (SCH).


We use 25 or 23 Gauge anterior chamber infusion and posterior drainage by means 25 / 23 Gauge vitrectomy cannulae combined with 25 / 23 Gauge pars plana vitrectomy and perfluorocarbon liquid (PFCL) injection.  PFCL stabilises the retina, to complete retinal manoeuvres and to mechanically displace any left over suprachoroidal fluid or blood. After endolaser, PFCL to silicone oil direct exchange is performed  (silicone oil exchange 2 cases, densiron heavy silicone oil exchange 3 cases).  The trans-conjunctival 27 Gauge xenon chandelier light helps us manage easily these challenging cases.

Effectiveness / Safety: 

Among the five cases that were included in the study, anatomic and functional results improved from no light perception to light perception/hand motion with none of the cases developing phtisis.

Take home message: 

The use of 25 / 23 Gauge trocar systems to drain SCH seems to be effective as a new approach alternative to the conventional technique with 20 Gauge sclerotomies.