A high macular hole closure rate is obtained, and late reopening of the hole is avoided.


In a prospective randomized trial, 72 eyes of 71 patients underwent vitrectomy with ILM peeling after staining with ILM-Blue to treat full-thickness macular hole. Two treatment arms were used: either 2000 cs or 5000 cs silicone oil was used, which was removed after 3 months. During the second procedure, half of the eyes of each study arm underwent a vitreous wash with F4H5 to capture silicone oil droplets. The amount of emulsification was measured in the removed silicone oil, remaining oil bubbles were quantified using B-scan ultrasound imaging.


A closure rate of 72 out of 72 eyes was obtained (100 %). No late reopening of the hole was seen in any patient. No oil-related serious adverse events were recorded during the trial. This suggests silicone oil is a safe tool to effectively treat full thickness macular holes.