Matteo Forlini, Italy, Ferenc Kuhn, USA, Angelina Meireles, Portugal, Hassan Mortada, Egypt & Susana Teixeira, Portugal

1) “The 3 gravest sins in ocular traumatology” (12 minutes) given by Ferenc Kuhn, USA

2) “Trauma Score” (12 minutes) given by Susana Teixeira, Portugal

3) “Anterior Segment Trauma: Classification and Management” (12 minutes) given by Matteo Forlini, Italy

4) “Surgical Approach to Traumatic Retinal Detachment with & Without IOFB” (12 minutes) given by Hassan Mortada, Egypt

5) “Prophylactic Chorioretinectomy in High Risk Ocular Trauma” (12 minutes) given by Angelina Meireles, Portugal

Discussion (15 minutes)

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