Poster 4 Salim Ben Yahia


To report clinical findings and outcome of an atypical case of Coats’ disease in an adult patient.


A 48-year-old female underwent ocular examination including dilated fundus examination, fluorescein angiography, and optical coherence tomography.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The patient presented with decreased vision in her left eye. Fundus examination revealed multiple macroaneurysms in the posterior pole superior to the macula associated with hard exudates. In addition to macroaneurysms, fluorescein angiography showed numerous microaneurysms and telangiectatic vessels with fluorescein leakage on macular area. Optical coherence tomography revealed macular edema and serous retinal detachment of the macula. The patient was treated by transpupillary thermotherapy, with spots applied to the macroaneurysms, leading to an improvement of visual acuity and partial resolution of macular edema and serous retinal detachment on optical coherence tomography three months later. Coats’ disease diagnosed in adulthood is rare and may have atypical pattern. Although various methods have been employed to treat this condition, transpupillary thermotherapy can be considered as the first line treatment for patients with adult-onset of Coats’ disease complicated by serous retinal detachment.