Cesare Forlini, Paolo Rossini, Antonio Aversano (Department of Ophthalmology, “S. Maria delle Croci” Hospital, Ravenna, Italy), Matteo Forlini (Eye Clinic, University of Modena, Italy


To show the use of mini-invasive 25 gauge system in the management of cataract surgery complications.


An anterior approach with 25 gauge vitrectomy system when capsule rupture occurs and sulcus or posterior iris-fixed IOL implant. In case of total or partial lens fragments luxation into the vitreous chamber, a 25/23 gauge pars plana approach to remove the lens. A 27 gauge transconjunctival light is always used to perform bimanual technique and a radical vitrectomy.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The 25/23 gauge systems allow to treat easily these complications, with very low post-operative inflammatory reaction and a fast functional recovery. The transconjunctival 27 gauge light helps the surgeon to manage in an excellent way these perilous complications.