European VitreoRetinal Training School

Learn with the experts! Now in its 18th year!

a 2-week mini fellowship for aspiring vitreoretinal surgeons

Bremen, Germany April 29 – May 10, 2019

The Syllabus

It is the intention of the course to cover virtually all aspects of vitreoretinal surgery. Subjects will be introduced by lectures, demonstrated by video sequences and live surgery transmissions and then discussed in length and in depth in an open exchange format.

The course will cover:

History of vitreoretinal surgery
General patient management
Diagnostic techniques
optical systems, machines, instruments, endoscopy, lasers

Classical detachment surgery
pathogenesis, indications, when buckle & when vitrectomy

General vitrectomy technique
e.g. sclerotomies, PVD, deep indentation, heavy liquids, gas, silicone oil, buckling vs 1° vitrectomy, additional buckling – yes or no

Indications & special surgical techniques in
macular holes
age related macular degeneration
diabetic retinopathy
pucker and cellophane maculopathy
giant tears
rare entities


DruckThe European VitreoRetinal Training School is supported by VRmagic with three Eyesi Surgical simulator units on loan. The Eyesi Surgical allows effective training of cataract and vitreoretinal surgery procedures without risk to patients. The simulator records all training data and offers a detailed and objective evaluation of the surgical performance to the trainee.


The Schedule 2019

Sun, April 28 Afternoon Housing
Mon, April 29 08:45 Registration, Welcome
Mon-Fri, April 29-May 03 09:00-13:00
Classes, Live Surgery and Discussion Groups, Dry Lab
Weekend, May 04-05 Free
Mon-Thu, May 06-09 09:00-13:00
Classes, Live Surgery and Discussion Groups, Dry Lab
Thu, May 09 Exam, Gala Dinner
Fri, May 10 09:00-11:00 Diplomas, Farewell



The Faculty

The main faculty of the European VitreoRetinal Training School is comprised entirely of high volume vitreoretinal surgeons, selected for their vast experience, innovative capabilities, up-to-date knowledge and teaching talent. Of eight vitreoretinal surgeons recently named most skilled in the world (Retina Times, Summer 2009 issue, p. 47), six are among the EVRTS faculty. They all come from a variety of countries to add diversity to the teaching process. Each one will attend for a 2-3 day period, covering part of the syllabus.

Course directors:
  • Bernard Wolff
  • Silvia Bopp
External faculty (current planning):
  • Jean-Paul Berrod (Nancy, France)
  • Norbert Bornfeld (Essen, Germany)
  • Giampaolo Gini (Horsham, UK)
  • Hans Hoerauf (Göttingen, Germany)
  • Frank Koch (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Louis Kruger (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Ferenc Kuhn (US/Serbia/Poland)
  • Klaus Lucke (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Lyubomyr Lytvynchuk (Giessen, Germany)
  • Colin McCannel (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Hassan Mortada (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Sengul Ozdek (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Diego Ruiz Casas (Madrid, Spain)
  • Andreas Schüler (Bremen, Germany)
  • Paul Tornambe (San Diego, USA)

Cost and Pre-Registration

Registration for the European VitreoRetinal Training School will be limited to about 50 participants. The cost to each participant will be 3350 Euros which includes the course, course material, 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 2 communal dinners and 10 nights (shared twin room) in the Hotel Munte.

It is expected that a limited number of scholarships will be made available on application by the industry for Young VitreoRetinal Trainees with insufficient financial resources.

For further information and pre-registration contact:

Secretariat EVRTS

Augenklinik Universitaetsallee

Parkallee 301 / Universitaetsallee

D-28213 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 5665-209

Fax: +49 421 5665-349

email :evrts@retina.to