To present a case of tractional macular edema in Coats’ disease in a young woman, after 2 years of laser, cryotherapy and anti-VEGF treatment.


A 39-year-old woman with macular pucker in Coats’ disease after 2 years of laser, cryotherapy and anti-VEGF treatment, underwent 25ga mini invasive IVTA assisted vitrectomy. We removed macular pucker after staining posterior pole with Dual Blue. During the surgery, we observed retinal detachment in the place of the exudation and we decided to use heavy silicone oil tamponade.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Two months after surgery and after the removal of the heavy silicone oil, we observed significant decrease of the macular edema and the retina remained attached.

Take home message:

25 Gauge mini invasive vitrectomy is an effective and safe technique for tractional edema in Coats’ disease.