To Present How a Soemmerring Ring Was Removed from the Vitreous Cavity When the Cutter and Forceps Failed to Do So




To present how a Soemmerring ring was removed from the vitreous cavity when the cutter and forceps failed to do so.

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Department of Ophthalmology, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, UK


In a previously vitrectomised pseudophakic eye, the intraocular lens (IOL) was found to be dislocated into the vitreous cavity. The 23-year old IOL was easy prey for removal with cutter and forceps, however, the remaining Soemmerring ring had calcified and could not be removed by the cutter. Due to its irregular shape it could not be removed easily with forceps either. In the end a 20-gauged fragmatome had to be used to fragment and remove the Soemmerring ring.


This report details how to remove calcified Soemmerring rings that cannot be removed by conventional cutter or forceps approach. In this case due to a large macular scar no secondary IOL was implanted since this would not have improved vision and carried the risks associated with secondary IOLs.


To our knowledge this is the first case detailing how a calcified Soemmerring ring required the use of a fragmatome to remove it.



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